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It’s Time To Celebrate—September Recovery Month 2020.

September is National Recovery Month. And we believe that’s a perfect reason to celebrate.

Celebrate what?

A second chance at life. Revived relationships with family members and friends. A refreshed sense of the world. A clean, sober way of living that doesn’t expire. And it’s all accessible to you, no matter who you are.

Recovery month is a celebration of all that is gained through the act of getting sober from substance abuse. Here at Serenity House, we take great joy in being able to be part of that gratifying transformation, and we’ve got support from every corner of our community to provide it.

Alumni, staff, board members, community partners, professionals—they all believe in lifelong recovery because they’ve seen it walk out the doors of the Serenity House campus.

Give us a call if it’s time for you or anyone you know to join us in the journey to recovery, and a celebration all their own.

Let’s talk. Call 630-620-6616.

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