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Henry Tews’s passion and vision has helped thousands of men and women recovering from substance abuse disorders to rebuild their lives and return as productive members of their communities.


A recovering alcoholic’s last request so moved Mr. Tews that he spent the next 20 years working to open the first comprehensive treatment center in DuPage County. Today, Serenity House serves an array of men and women who are struggling with substance abuse, housing, employment, legal, and health issues.


Serenity House began on an abandoned farm in Addison, in 1985. The space was in dire need of refurbishing, utility lines, land grading, and more. It required major help if it were going to be occupied by clients devoted to sobriety. Volunteers gave over 600 hours of labor and countless donations of materials, resulting in thousands of dollars of renovations. It is this very passion of the people that started and keeps Serenity House running and able to change lives. What once started as a four-bed cottage, is now a 102-bed residence for men and women.


Through the years, we’ve added programs for family, parenting, our recovery homes and more. Our goal is to break silence, end stigmas, get well, and empower generations. We continue to expand our capacity and services to meet the ever-increasing demand for help.

Our History

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