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Addiction Recovery: We’re Matching GoFundMe.

At Serenity House, we’ve got drive.

With that comes exciting, new endeavors.

Currently, we are focused on raising funds towards building a wellness center into our Addison headquarters campus. We need your help. And the more we get, the bigger the benefit we can provide our community members seeking to build better, sober lives.

The goal:

Make our vision for a four-part wellness center a reality by raising at least $50K through our new GoFundMe efforts. We have committed to a dollar-for-dollar match of up to $50K to amplify every contribution you make.

Estimates are lofty, so we hope that cumulatively, we can exceed our $100K overall target.

The baseball-themed wellness center, open to all clients, will include a:

-Bud Ragalie Gym

-Wellness Cafe

-Open Area Lounge

-Dugout TV Room

Included images are just some of our exciting renderings for what is to come.

We want to match your donations! Contribute here:

Builders will break ground as early as the fall and we can’t wait to get started. Our intention is to make this relaxing, refreshing space the best it can be to give those who are fighting for a second chance—an inspiring environment to do so in.

Your donations can help those on the road to sobriety to further establish healthy habits, communication skills, camaraderie, stress-management techniques, and more.

The challenge is on for us all. We can’t wait to match your donations!

To learn more about these exciting developments and more ways you can contribute to our growth, call 630-620-6616.

Reach out to Serenity House:

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