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Holidays Aren't All Glitter and Bows.

Valentine's Day more painful than it is fun? We get it.

And we're here to help.

Let's talk about some ASAP solutions for getting through this holiday sober and pressure-free.

- Create. See where your mind can take you. A pencil or paintbrush is all it takes to start. Put on some music and draw or paint whatever it evokes from you. You might be surprised.

- Hang out with Mother Nature. Build a snowman, go for a brisk walk, or simply take a moment to look into the sky. When is the last time you checked out what the clouds looked like?

- Have friends over. Catch up on what's really going on with your friends. Invite people from different circles into one place. This may just spur new friendships and fun.

- Get to the gym. Everyone likes a good sweat. The louder the music, the better—right? Valentine's Day is just that. A day.

Treat it exactly like what it is, and you may just find yourself feeling a little lighter.

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