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Sober St. Patrick's Day

It can be hard to maneuver holidays soberly.

So, we're equipping you with tips and a lucky charm of our favorite mantras that are a little funny, a little sarcastic, and 100% true. Sign up to receive that and more goodies below.

Did you know?

By origin, St. Patrick's Day celebrates the patron saint of Ireland. But here in Chicagoland, it's more realistically a celebration of alcohol and partying.

Here at Serenity House, we get that.

So, how does one celebrate sober? Does sobriety mean ditching the holiday entirely?

These are popular questions—and good ones!

You can make changes to shift an actively addicted lifestyle to a genuinely present one.

Here are our top 4 tips for enjoying a sober St. Patrick's Day.

1) Every time you flex your "recovery muscle," it gets stronger, meaning you're building strength with every healthy decision. Hit the "emotional gym" and just say no.

2) There is more out there than what you "know." Remember, there's a world beyond the bottle. Whoever said you can't chuckle like a happy leprechaun at a funny movie as means of celebration, anyway?

3) Bake someone a treat infused with a bit of green food coloring. It's a kind gesture that makes life a little sweeter for everyone.

4) Read something funny. And honest. And real. Because living, in reality, means never being alone.

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