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Rooted in Recovery

Summertime is special in the hearts of Chicagoans, but this long-awaited, outdoor season is often celebrated with alcoholic beverages in hand. There are much better ways to revel in the rays for those looking to strengthen (not test) their recovery.

Our suggestion: get making. Better yet, do it with friends.

Here are some hands-on events you can host for a sober, outdoor setting.

1) Throw a plant-potting party.


Invite guests to bring their own container and one flower or plant from a nursery.

Provide soil (one bag is fine for a small gathering) and a small variety of other flowers to choose from.

Guests can mix and match flowers and plants to their hearts’ desires.

When containers are complete, guests can keep or gift them. Either way, someone walks away with a day-brightening assortment of uniqueness.

2) Try a terrarium.

How to:

Invite guests to bring their own container and any decorative elements like moss, miniature accessories, or sea stones.

Provide activated charcoal (found at a nursery or pet supply store), terrarium plants, and sterile potting mix, or have each person bring one then all can share.

Build a terrarium specific to your style.

Add an earthy vibe to any space with your personalized creation.

These activities are rooted in wellness and fun, two things everyone, not just those on the road to recovery, want out of life.

If you’d like to learn more about Serenity House—call us.

We have the tools and techniques it takes to develop lasting sobriety, one day at a time.

Reach out to Serenity House:

Phone: 630-620-6616


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