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Friendsgiving. Are you in?

As 2020’s holiday season approaches, many are finding new, unique ways to connect. This year, we’d like to ask you to become part of our Serenity House family—our circle of friends—to make this Friendsgiving unique in its own way, by positively influencing more lives than ever.

Donations so generously given by our circle of friends help us heal the hurts of those struggling with substance abuse for a new chance at life. There is no greater gift.

At Serenity House, we have opportunities of all sorts.

These donation suggestions may help you when deciding what you would like to contribute:

$25 Helps Provide Basic Needs

$100 Helps Provide Sober Activities

$250 Provides One Week of Treatment for 1 Person

$500 Helps Towards the Women's Program Building Expansion Project ($100,000 Goal)

$1,000 Helps Provide Education / Scholarship Program

What strikes a chord in your heart?

Join us as a family member and friend this Friendsgiving—please donate here to change lives with us! It’s truly a reason to celebrate.

Find more info about us on our Facebook page.

To get in touch, call us at 630-620-6616.

Reach out to Serenity House: