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Addiction Affects Those Around You

Family, friends, spouses, and co-workers can all suffer from the effects of addiction – even if they’re completely sober.

Concern. Loved ones become increasingly concerned for the addict in their life, not understanding the extent to which addiction will impact their lives.

Conflict. Living or working with an addict can be extremely challenging. Arguments become a regular occurrence.

Blame. Paranoia is common in addicts and they often blame everyone else for their problems, lacking any accountability. This causes those around the addict to feel guilt and responsibility.

Defense. Those close to an addict may think they need to "protect" the addict and lie about the problem to other family, friends, spouses, and employers.

Neglect. Caring for an addict can be a great responsibility. Those close to someone who is using often start to neglect their own needs and well-being. Children of addicts are often left to fend for themselves.

Finance. Addicts often pour their funds into drugs and alcohol rather than bills, food, and other important necessities. This can lead to serious consequences like losing a home and children going hungry.

Adaptation. Loved ones start to change their behaviors to adapt to the addict's behavior. They may think they need to be a “perfect person” for the addict to make them happy. This is a dangerous stage and can take a physical, emotional, mental, and financial toll on the loved one.

Exhaustion. Addiction has taken over the lives of those closest to the addict at this point. Imagine overwhelming feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, guilt, fear, shame, self-pity, and resentment, shame, guilt, fear, resentment, anger, and self-pity. They are exhausted,

Separation. Eventually, patience runs out and exhaustion leads an addict's support team to feel like the only thing they can do is walk away. A decision that is not only worrisome but hurtful to loved ones.

If someone you care about is an addict, we understand you are going through a very difficult time. If you or a loved one need help, please contact us.

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