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Entering Recovery in COVID-19.

What better time is there than now, National Recovery Month, to get your freedom back?

Here at Serenity House, we know that the current state of uncertainty makes it particularly difficult to get and stay sober. But this is September, and we’re not letting you go without hope and proof that recovery can be yours.

As a full-scale team, our expertise lies in teaching clients what it takes to build lasting sobriety. That means clients who work our program as directed not only have a success rate of over 70%, but have the tools to handle life when it throws curveballs.

Our recovery home facilities support social distancing and promote mask wearing, hand washing, and regular sanitization. At our headquarters, we have masks, hand sanitizers, and individually packed snacks and meals to support a healthy, clean environment.

By activating these tools required for good health, we can be confident that relief of learning a new way of sober living greatly outweighs the fear of change in a time where so much is unknown.

We’re here, healthy, and ready to take you under our wing. Enter a world of safety, at Serenity House.

Find more videos on what it’s like to recover at Serenity House on our Facebook page.

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