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DuPage Dept. of Health Supports...You.

Serenity House is grateful to have partners and supporters all over the DuPage area.

One of the organizations we’re proud to be linked with is the DuPage County Health Department. In this week’s video, Mila Tsagalis, Director of Community Initiatives at the DuPage County Health Department, explains the value of our relationship.

“For us to have treatment in the community that is a safe place, that is an excellent partner, is something the health department values very much.”

We love calling Mila, and the rest of the DuPage County Health Department, friends. It is our pleasure to branch out to as many people struggling as possible to provide a route to a brighter future. Our goal is to provide the Department of Health with the best resources for those suffering.

Thank you for supporting us in providing for our local community, DuPage County Health Department!

For information on how you can become a partner, contact us here:

Call us at 630-620-6616.

Reach out to Serenity House: