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Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment: Eric’s Recovery Story

Drug addiction knows no boundaries and does not discriminate.

Anyone is susceptible to the powerful grip of substance abuse, and our friend Eric can speak to that from personal experience.

Take a look at Eric’s drug recovery, where dependence drove him from a fulfilling childhood to a life of isolation housed only beneath the roof of his car. Eric’s heroin addiction led to desperation and eventually, to Serenity House for help from our substance abuse counselors.

In Eric’s story, you’ll see how Serenity House became a true home for him and guided him to recovery, and how now, he’s living the life he was always meant to live.

We’re here to offer the same support to you or anyone you know who needs a second chance at life. We’re all in this together, and always here to help.

The very best,

The Serenity House Team

To learn more about our alcohol and drug rehab programs, give us a call at 630-620-6616.

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