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Beat Winter Blues.

The majority of our Serenity House staff is born and bred in the Midwest. We personally know how tough the cold winter months can be, and we’re seasoned in working with others who are struggling with substance abuse during them.

Negative thinking can be easy to slip into during this time, so we’re sharing methods to help you stay the positive course and avoid harmful coping mechanisms. You’ll de-stress, have fun, and feel productive.

Ditch or donate.

-Refresh your refrigerator by clearing out any expired foods. Replace them with items you’ve never tried before!

-Collect then donate clothing items you never wear for others in need who will love them.

-Give your time to create a virtual group call event to bring friends together for a digital hangout. With today’s technology, it’s easy. They’ll be glad you did!

Brighten up.

-Invest in a light therapy lamp to help shake that “cooped up” feeling.

-Paint—one wall, an entire room, or a canvas. Envision a masterpiece and bring it to life.

-Get new shoes in a unique shade to uplift your every step.

Get creative.

-Plant a seed. Nurturing it is rewarding and its small yet mighty power may just inspire you.

-Write—a journal entry, a mailed letter, a blog post. Anything goes.

-Arrange a vision board of your greatest desires. Visualization is a key part of turning a dream into a reality. Old magazine clippings do the trick nicely.

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